Server Sent Events

EventSource HQ makes sending events from your app to your users' browsers as easy as it gets.

From the server

    :channel => "messages",
    :name => "notification",
    :data => "You should sign up for EventSource HQ!"

To the browser

var es = new ESHQ("messages");

es.addEventListener("notification", function(e) {

Fast, Easy and Reliable

EventSource HQ is hosted on EC2 and built for performance and scalability. Any Server Sent events implementation requires handling thousands of concurrent open connections. Traditional web servers are not built for this. EventSource HQ takes all the pain away from having to install, configure and manage a parallel infrastructure.

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Supports All Browsers

The EventSource HQ client library takes care of all cross-browser support issues. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Safari Mobile all support EventSource out of the box. For Internet Explorer, Webkit for Android and older browsers EventSource HQ handles all the tricky fallbacks for you. Just send events and we'll get them to your users.

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Fully Open Source

The software behind EventSource HQ is being developed as a fully open-source project. The core of EventSource HQ is the Haskell based "EventSource Broker" that bridges between the message exchange RabbitMQ and EventSource. All source code is available on Github and you can always move to a self-hosted install if you prefer administrating your own infrastructure.

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EventSource HQ is currently in beta

If you're interested in trying out EventSource HQ sign up.